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Roulette Bets



Roulette is one of the oldest casino games and is greatly popular among its players, particularly at the casinos en ligne in France. The game comprises a maximum of 8 players and a dealer who spins the wheel. The players call for bet on a single number, a series of numbers or on the colors like red and black. The winning bet is considered on which slot of the wheel the ball lands when it ceases to spin. In a standard Roulette, the players can adopt 2 primary types of betting – the outside bets and the inside bets.


Roulette betting will partly depend on which wheel a player chooses to play. It can be a European wheel or an American wheel. The basic difference between an inside bet and an outside bet is the amount of table minimums. A player generally calls bet on a single number to 5-digit number. But playing for 5-digit number is complicated and the simplest kind of bet on a Roulette board is straight bet.


The outside bets are called so as they are placed outside the 37 or 38 numbers of the wheel. This kind of bets can never be own for 0 or 00. They can only be won for numbers 1 to 36. Here the bet has to equal at least the minimum bet called on the table.


Incase of inside bets, the player’s bet has to be the total of the minimum bet put on the Roulette table. The inside bets are associated with a combination of numbers or a specific number located in the number area. Thus this type of betting is also applicable for 0 and 00 slots lying in the number area.


The outside betting can be classified to odd or even, red or black, columns, low or high and dozens. The inside bets can also be divided into many categories like split, straight up, corner, street and five number bet.


For European Roulette betting, the payout ratio is same for the play. If a player bet for a number ranging from 1-12 then he will win the same amount of chip. But in the outside bets if the result is 0, the dealer takes the half amount of the stake.

Roulette Strategies

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