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Roulette Strategies



Talking of the Roulette strategies, one is reminded of Albert Einstein’s famous quote on the game - “You cannot beat a roulette table unless you steal money from it”. As with other games such as Casino blackjack, there are many systems and strategies that are suggested for winning a game of Roulette, but it is actually a game of chance and it hard to predict the winning bets.


If you follow any strategy while playing Roulette, then it will only enhance your chances of winning the game. You can only keep them in mind so that you lose less and concentrate on winning on every spin.


What you can do is follow a set of betting pattern and thus increase your chances of winning. The intelligent players generally call for bets that include a multiple number and a straight bet on a single number. This tactic allows them to play longer on a table.


A player of Roulette can go for the Surrender strategy, which is applicable for outside bets. In this case if the ball settles on 00 or 0, the player is going to lose only half of his bet.


When playing Roulette, try to choose the European wheel (with a single 0) than an American wheel. The odds are higher in case of a European wheel compared to the American one. But whichever be the wheel, the landing of the ball is difficult to predict for the players.


Another simple strategy, which you can follow during a game of Roulette, is following the En Prison rule. This rule is applicable when the ball lands to 0 but the player does not lose his entire bet immediately. His bet is held on the board till the next spin and is termed to be ‘in prison’. The money is returned to the player if he wins the next board of Roulette, which ultimately decides his fate. But in this strategy the player does not win any extra money even on winning. But if he loses the next spin his money is taken but by chance the ball again lands on 0 the amount is once more held ‘in prison’.

If you are playing online especially in Germany, it is well worth looking out for a good Casino Bonus ohne Einzahlung (without a deposit). In this way Online Roulette spielen or a game of online roulette will be for free and will make it easier for you to choose the game that suits you.

Roulette Strategies

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